Our products

Based on a quality chassis of a truck specially cut for off-road, we put a custom living unit. Here you will find examples of heavy-duty vehicles playing the role of motor homes as well as off-road monsters enabling them to go to remote areas off trails and roads.

A few Off road camper trucks

Here are some photos of off-road trucks to give you an idea of what we can model on any type of chassis.

Vehicles of manufacturers

Among the technological prowess of the manufacturers, we have a very interesting choice of tractor trucks to integrate all kinds of elements with as much flexibility as possible.

A powerful truck with a rugged chassis to accommodate a tailored passenger compartment.
We follow closely the evolution of the manufacturers models, we participate regularly in trucks and motor-homes conventions to appreciate the different brands and the technical advances implemented.

Anything that can contribute to the improvement of our products is good to take. As far as autonomy is concerned, a major step forward has been made and we are the first to benefit from it.

The following trucks are accompanied by technical details for the more seasoned. We are also willing to answer any questions you may have. Do not hesitate to contact us.

  • moteur MANCommon-Rail 6-cylinder diesel engine D20 and D26 with a maximum power of 480 hp in Euro 6
  • Thanks to the electronic increase of the torque TopTorque, the transmission manager
    of the D26 motor now provides 200Nm more torque for the two highest ratios, eleven
    and twelve.
  • Traction activated MAN HydroDrive®
    MAN TipMatic® Automated Sequential Box Many unrivaled 4×4, 6×6, 8×6 axle configurations and traction formulas up to 8×8 all-wheel-drive truck
  • Optimum braking power thanks to MAN PriTarder®
  • The MAN TipMatic® automated control system relieves the driver, maintains the
    transmission line and reduces fuel consumption.
  • The MAN TipMatic® 12-speed automatic transmission is the perfect combination of
    comfort and efficiency.
  • The MAN TGS offers great power for every use and convinces on all roads thanks to
    its exceptional traction force. Thus, making the innovative D20 and D26 engines
    incredibly strong with a power output ranging from 235 kW (320 hp) to 353 kW (480
    hp) in the Euro 6 version and doing more than just driving the wheels. With high-
    torque motors, the MAN TipMatic® automated transmission with city / road reports,
    and the MAN PriTarder® make this vehicle a power monster.

Some models go around 600kW!

  • Stable chassis construction, optimized weight
  • Fully flat top frame for easy cambering
  • Close-fitting perforation holes for subsequent mounting and conversion
  • Optional hypoid axle with differential lock
  • Flexible tilting rear axle for TGM and TGS series
  • Suspension variants, slats/slats, slats/pneumatic, or ECAS integral pneumatic Air
  • Suspension regulator for a constant suspension level
  • Inter-vehicle distance controller (ACC)
  • Electronic Stability Controller
  • Active roll stabilizer
  • Digital axle load display

The living unit

The comfort organization using state-of-the-art equipment and materials for the layout of furniture.

Here are the latest models on which we can integrate our construction.

Each model can be adapted to the needs and budget, we can opt for a chassis 6 wheel drive or 8 wheel drive and many options are available.

  • MAN TGS 26.480  6×6
  • Mercedes AROCS AK
  • Renault K XTREM
  • Iveco Trakker
  • Truck on Chassis 6×6
  • 3 Points Freedom of Torsion with hydraulic mode multi-services
  • Platform in the back for Quad, Scooter or bicycles.
  • Generator Diesel 4kw
  • 800W solar panel with a charging equipment controller
  • Central locking / engine startequipement
  • 3 ventilation / heating zones –
  • Room, living room and bathroom water heated during the day connected to the engine
  • Engine station heating for cold climates.
  • Double air conditioning for living room and bedroom
  • Internet connection via Satellite
  • Wireless remote control GSM Large flat screen TV
  • SONO sound system
  • General Washing machine 5kg
  • Dishwasher, fridge and induction cooking plates
  • Outdoor kitchen with awning, gas grill with induction cooker