Why Choose Us

Our team combines passion and professionalism, while any approach requires full involvement, we will be honoured to satisfy your thirst for adventures.

Robustness and flexibility are at the heart of all our projects. Whether to meet technical, aesthetic or functional constraints, we study for each case the most suitable materials and equipment, and can design customized models in order to propose an optimal solution.

Having in mind the need for autonomy, comfort, solidity and off-road experience, all our vehicles must be of top quality!

To be interested in this type of vehicle, you must certainly have something specific on your mind, or special needs you have developed during your different experiences… or you don’t know much yet, if it is not of the fact that you are very tempted to know more!

In each case, we are specialized in tailor-made vehicles, we can offer you solutions to
improve your experience within the vehicle and its interior. We promulgate technical and aesthetic advice and together we will be able to produce a vehicle that is the closest to your expectations…

Concerning the vehicle and its chassis, it depends on the marks and extensions of
guarantees taken into account. In any case, everything will be detailed when placing an
order with our services. You can contact us for more details.

The living unit also offers guarantees from us and we invite you to browse our general
conditions of sale or to contact us.

As an example here is a diagram of guarantees coming from MAN (see on your right).

Once the vehicle is delivered, you are not alone! We will always be at your side, besides the advice to carry out maintenance of your truck, you will be able to approach us if you have questions regarding the various insurance, the organization of your trip around the world, transport, how to find spare parts…

We will always do the best we can to make your journey on one of our vehicles easier.