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7 December 2016

Our Truck Trip Off the Beaten Path

Expedition & Adventure

Our Truck Trip Off the Beaten Path

For you, a journey, more than just traveling abroad, is a true way of life? If you are lucky enough to drive an all-terrain truck, follow in the footsteps of Marion and Sébastien, Blandine and Jean-Louis, Marianne and Fabrice. Three couples, three trucks, three routes – three stories of adventure and freedom.

Marion and Sébastien: « Realizing an old dream »

« Although it is not very original, we have always agreed that we have only one life. After studying and entering the workforce, however, we continued to follow a classic path until the day we woke up and said, “It’s not us”. And this is how we decided to put our management business to go realize an old dream, to visit the countries of northern Europe. Traveling by truck proved to be a convenient and very appreciable way to go wherever we wanted, according to our desires, without ever missing a roof to sleep. We set out, roughly speaking, the stages of our expedition, and for six months we traveled through Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Iceland. For now, we have returned to the fold but our truck, always parked in front of us (for which we certainly have room for…), calls us to resume the road as soon as possible! ».

Blandine and Jean-Louis: «Enjoying our retirement»

«Both of us retired, we thought we would enjoy our freedom to dedicate ourselves to our grandchildren and cultivate one or two hobbies, like everyone else. But after a motor-home holiday in the French Alps, then Italian Alps, we decided to continue the journey. We still went home, the time to get a truck with all the equipment that responds to our needs (except various options but still exceptional!) A real mobile home on chassis all terrain, equipped with a shower, a kitchenette and a sofa convertible into a bed for the night. And despite the protests of our children who were worried about the dangers of such expedition, we visited Italy from north to south before disembarking on the coasts of Africa (for crossings, consider contacting experienced people). The benefits of trucking are undeniable, get away
from the roads and all the happiness is there. In bad weather, you kill as many kilometers as possible, without having to put your nose out. What an experience! Or if you like to kiss mud and winding paths, it’s a real treat.».

Marianne and Fabrice : «Discover the world with our children»

«When we decided to educate our children, literally, off the beaten track, since we were planning to take them around the world in a truck, everyone treated us as unconscious. Even in front of the car, an unconquerable monster according to some but unbeatable comfort to any competition, if we enjoy driving at height on non-standard machines, we do not even feel
the small house on our back, a real bathroom and a separate room from the children’s room. We boarded everybody’s opinion, with a minimum of luggage but a lot of books, and the bikes of the whole family stowed in the back of the truck in a specially designed location.

An all-terrain truck, tailor-made to ensure the best possible road conditions especially in the absence of road: indeed, we were heading straight for Asia, its mountains and its wild landscapes! Today, our two sons know India, China and Thailand, thanks to the distance education of CNED, they have attended school. A good year full of colors and adventures… ».

7 December 2016

Africa – 1 year

Expedition & Adventure

Like many French families, the Martin family, a couple (Olivier and Maud) and their two children (Théo and Victoria) dreamed of adventure. What distinguishes them from the others, however, is that they have embarked on a campaign to discover Africa for a whole year.

This crazy idea, the parents had had it a few years ago, during a meeting with other adventure enthusiasts who went around the world in an all-terrain truck. After setting aside money and buying their own vehicle, they decided to start with a continent that had attracted them for a long time and of which only a 4×4 truck could enable them to discover all the specifics: Africa. Came back with heads full of memories, they rave about their “house on wheels” which allowed them to visit the most remote corners of the African continent while enjoying optimum conditions of comfort and security.

Next destination: South America!

6 December 2016

Press Release – JMC Truck – All Terrain Trucks specialist

Press release

All-Terrain Trucks

As a specialist in the field of dispatching vehicles, JMC Truck provides all-terrain trucks that can be taken anywhere. The vehicles offered benefit from the most advanced innovations and include comfortable and functional interiors. It is the ideal solution for those who wish to travel as they please in remote areas.

Discover the world behind the wheel of a furnished truck

An expert in the design of trucks, JMC Truck is based in France. It specializes in modification and repair of bodywork as well as metalworking and offers a wide range of all-wheel drive vehicles combining quality, functionality and safety and pruned to get off the beaten track. The cells of the vehicles are tailor-made to meet the expectations of the clientele. Trucks can play the role of camper van and venture out of the roads without any problem.

Chassis completed and transformed into chassis of travelling vehicles

After choosing the most appropriate chassis, JMC Truck modifies and complements them to make them the foundation of a vehicle with optimal performance. The modifications made can be the addition of a back-up camera, storage box, an immobilizer, roof racks, a motorcycle door, additional headlamps, a navigation system, a tire pressure regulator etc.

All modifications and work carried out on the chassis are rigorously tested and comply with all applicable standards.

Quality equipment designed for adventure

The trucks provided by JMC Truck are equipped with specially designed equipment to promote long-distance travel. Indeed, in the cells, everything is thought to promote comfort. For this, the technical equipment is associated with quality materials so that the result is as practical as beautiful and pleasant to use.

The interior is therefore akin to that of a top-of-the-line motor-home, with some small details in addition, such as specially designed lockers to store dishes and glasses, for example. But, more than in a simple camper, the furniture is created to withstand the most extreme climatic conditions. They must be able to withstand a -40 ° C in Alaska as well as a + 50 ° C in Namibia. They must also be able to withstand a record humidity level and the incessant vibrations to which they are exposed during the journey.
Therefore, the promise of an all terrain truck designed by JMC Truck is to allow a comfort “like at home”, even when exploring particularly rugged tracks, thousands of kilometers away from home.


25 November 2016

Adventure Camper Truck 6×6

Expedition & Adventure

Let’s appreciate their adventure on a MAN TGS :

2 July 2016

MAN TGS 26 – A nice chassis

Trucks & Tech

Imagine with a living unit on this mountain monster !

18 June 2016

MAN TGS & TGX – 2015 Shangai conference

Trucks & Tech

Voici une vidéo montrant les avantages de ce modèle de camion tout terrain de chez MAN :