Africa – 1 year

7 December 2016

Africa – 1 year

Expedition & Adventure

Like many French families, the Martin family, a couple (Olivier and Maud) and their two children (Théo and Victoria) dreamed of adventure. What distinguishes them from the others, however, is that they have embarked on a campaign to discover Africa for a whole year.

This crazy idea, the parents had had it a few years ago, during a meeting with other adventure enthusiasts who went around the world in an all-terrain truck. After setting aside money and buying their own vehicle, they decided to start with a continent that had attracted them for a long time and of which only a 4×4 truck could enable them to discover all the specifics: Africa. Came back with heads full of memories, they rave about their “house on wheels” which allowed them to visit the most remote corners of the African continent while enjoying optimum conditions of comfort and security.

Next destination: South America!