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  • Any project requires reflection and analysis, before implementation, we approach [...]
  • The image of the company not only reflects the quality of the products but requi [...]
  • Every detail has its importance, from the choice of the truck model to the assem [...]
  • Travel, go adventure, spend time at the wheel, in the desert, in the bush... We [...]

Over 30 Years of Experience in the Truck & Refinish industry

Our Way

We love our work and we share this pleasure with our customers by sharing our ideas, our tricks but we are also listening to you. The objective is t...

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Our Passion

It is obvious that we are the firsts to be interested in our products, such interest is born out of our passion in what we do, and spreading the vir...

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Our speciality

Tailor-made is our specialty because each is different and on a truck chassis of this kind, it's worth to perfect and adapt the cockpit to suit the ...

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Our Choice

We opted for this type of product, we have a great pleasure to work on quality trucks, vehicles that carry us in every sense of the word!

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Our Products

We are proud to deliver all terrain trucks designed for freedom and adventure !

All Wheels Trucks

6×6-drive wheel trucks or more mounted on chassis, flexible chassis and a powerful engine: The MAN TGS 26.480 6×6 Chassis, the Mercedes AROCS AK or t...

Offroad Camper

Once delivered with complete equipment mating the chassis of a technology monster, you will be ready to travel the world under a new perspective...

A passion

Let yourself be tempted by our passion for adventure, the sensation of freedom by traversing many landscapes inaccessible until now, the pleasure of d...

Home Sweet Home

All the comfort from home while being thousands of kilometers away, on any type of terrain, more than a simple motor home, a customized layout with ad...

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Check our latest news about our true passion of Camper Trucks

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Our Partners

Multiple truck models to work with and we are very pleased to show you the brands we particularly appreciate.

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